D-FiWireless Freedom

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get D-Fi?

Most areas of the greater Wanaka region will have access to D-Fi Wireless. (ie, Hawea, Hawea Flat, Luggate, Albert Town, Glendhu Bay, Wanaka and anywhere in-between). There is no guarantee that your location can get D-Fi as it does depend on direct line of site to one of our repeaters so TXT Tim your address to get a fair idea

What is the installation process?

After you have decided to get D-Fi's High Speed Internet service we will come out with equipment to install on your house. This involves installing a small dish (30-40cm) that has to be pointing directly to one of our repeaters. We then need to run a cable (Shielded Cat5e outdoor toughcable) from the dish to a wireless router inside somewhere which gives you wireless access to all your devices along with an option for plugging in a LAN cable for a desktop computer or an existing internal network/LAN. Once the hardware has been installed we then set your account up with you which is then paid online with a credit card - This cost includes the Set-up fee plus your first block of data, from here you can log in and start surfing the Internet. This process usually takes 2-3hours. There will be holes drilled through a wall usually to get the cable inside, if you are renting please ensure you have your house owners permission to get D-Fi installed, feel free to have them call Tim on 021 378253 for clarification and piece of mind.

D-Fi is a great option for flatting situations where you only pay for your own data used, not everyone else's, if you don't use it then there is nothing to pay for.

Where are your wireless HotSpots?

You can access our hotspots in Wanaka CBD along Ardmore St and the lake edge. More specifically we have an access point above Cafe Lago and one above the log cabin on the lake front. We also have a hotspot from Brownston St, which is only really useful in the carpark next to Print It.

There is a hotspot at "The Good Spot" at their blue caravan on Anderson Road. They make really good Coffee too!

We aim to provide a seamless internet experience where you can have the same connection at home as our hotspots in town. We are constantly expanding our network to some beautiful places so go ahead and invite us to yours.

Do you have a fair use policy?

Yes we certainly do! This is to ensure that all customers get a high speed Internet connection. If a customer is excessively using above average data or otherwise affecting out network integrity we will work through the situation with the customer

What about downloading copyrighted material (ie movies/music/software using Torrents or other means)?

We have a zero tolerance for people who download or otherwise distribute copyrighted material. Only download/stream from legal websites where they have the rights to what they are selling you (Netflix, AppleTV, iTunes, Lightbox etc). The methods used to download copyrighted material usually always consume far more bandwidth than normal Internet use and will raise flags under our fair use policy. If you would like more information about NZ's copyright law, check out this article from www.consumger.org.nz