D-FiWireless Freedom

Plans & Pricing

Our pricing structure is mainly based on a pay for what you use system. We think this is a pretty fair way to do things. However now we have set monthly fee/data options for those who want them.

Pre-Paid Data Pricing

The following prices are for buying data up front (Pre-Pay), your data doesn't expire unless you stop using our service for 1 year.

Once you have paid for data using a credit card it is instantly added to your account and as you start using the Internet the data remaining will go down accordingly. Data usage is counted both ways, ie, upload and download, 1GB (Gigabyte) is equal to 1024MB (Megabytes).

Our Pre-Pay data prices

1GB $5
2GB $10
5GB $25
20GB $50
50GB $100
120GB $200

Our Pre-Pay monthly plan

150GB $100 Per Month

The speed of our 150GB monthly plan is slightly reduced (9Mb) from our full speed plans above, you won't notice much/if any difference for general web browsing and video streaming it just helps keep our network running smooth with a cheaper price per GB!

(All prices are in NZD)

Installation Pricing

To become a D-Fi customer you need to have special equipment installed at your place or business. This involves installing a small dish on the outside pointing to one of our repeaters and Cat5e cabling all the way into a router placed inside (usually near where you will be using the Internet the most, ie lounge or office).

D-Fi owns all the equipment that we install in order to bring you our service. You need to pay a set-up fee to cover a fraction of this cost.

The set up fee is determined by your expected usage on our network. A low low data user or Holiday Home owner will pay a minimum of $300 as the set-up fee. A regular user will pay a minimum of $185 as the set-up fee. We will discuss these options with you as we go through the sign up process.

These fees are set out as 'minimum fees' so there could be additional fees during the installation depending on the complexity of the installation and if any extra mounting hardware is required. The set up fee covers 2 hours of labour to do the installation, any time spent after this is charged at $60 per hour. most installs can be done in 2 hours. An example is a roof mounting kit costs an extra $30 where as mounting to a wall is covered by our standard set-up fee.