D-FiWireless Freedom

Do you need Unlimited land based Internet services like ADSL, VDSL and Fibre for only $90 per month?

A land based service means it travels over the Chorus ground network like what most ISP's use rather than our Wireless network

Our ground service is suited for people who already have good existing copper or fibre in the ground. When we started D-Fi our focus was to get Internet to the hardest to reach places around the Wanaka region and make it really fast. We achieved that goal as now you can get D-Fi in most places around Wanaka, up through Makarora and out as far as the beginning of Lindis pass. Most people live in the townships though and wouldn't benefit much from having our Wireless service as there is already half decent Internet available. Now we can offer that half decent Internet too - it will only be as good as your Copper/Fibre allows for, if you have slow ground based Internet currently then you would want to look at our wireless service which would be considerably faster.

There is a $85 Setup fee and if you don't already have a DSL modem you may have to buy one which are $50 or $100 depending if you want ADSL or VDSL

We have one plan which is unlimited Internet for $90 per month. 6 Month minimum contract applies or no contract is $195 setup fee