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Welcome to D-Fi - 'High Speed Rural Broadband'

D-Fi is a Wanaka based ISP providing Rural and Urban Internet services throughout the Wanaka region. We are 100% Wanaka owned and operated!

If cheap pre paid Internet with no contract sounds tempting then drop us a line.

We offer Unlimited land based services like ADSL, VDSL and Fibre for $90 per month. These are new services we can now supply anywhere in New Zealand. Follow this link for more info

We also offer Internet phone services which gives you a local number (Keep your existing 443 number if you want) but is connected via the Internet rather than a copper lin in the ground. Try this link for more info

Please call D-Fi on 03 443 1089 if you have any Internet Issues.

Why Would I want a "D-Fi Wireless Service"?

  • D-Fi is fast wireless internet with no strings attached.
  • You only pay upfront for what you want to use and your data does not expire at the end of the month.
  • There are no monthly fees, you can top up whenever you need to.
  • You might also want D-Fi because it is fast, you can usually start streaming video within seconds on modern computers.
  • Going away on Holiday? Why would you want to pay for Internet when you are not there - You won't need if you have D-Fi's pre paid pay as you go system.
  • (our "D-Fi Wireless Service" is the wireless option we provide most of our customers as now we also offer land based services like ADSL, VDSL and Fibre)

Customer Testimonials

Boom! Internet Speed, Boom service. Great Up load and Great down Load. Recently recorded 50mbps up and down! So good upload my sons business would pop round to send large digital media files... Thank-god they have their own D-Fi now! ...who would believe it possible in little-old-Wanaka!?
~ David
One of the reasons we switched to D-Fi was because we were not happy with our previous service. This was for a few reasons:
*Not being able to easily speak to customer service
*The slowness of the internet
*Not responding to questions quickly enough
*Being charged after cancelling my contract
We are more than happy with the speed of D-Fi and the quick response when we have had queries
~ Sarah
Prior to joining D-Fi we were with a major firm but our data allowance was only 8gb per month and because of our location (Queensberry) we could not get a rural package. In addition, the 8gb cost nearly $100 per month when GST was added and the wireless delivery was ok, but not great.Our neighbours had D-Fi and said it was great. So we contacted Tim and his team and they did a site inspection, installed the gear and we are very happy with the result. The data is faster than before by a good margin and of course we only get top ups as & when needed and at a better value for money than before. So good on you D-Fi, we have already recommended you to other users having problems with wireless data delivery.
Kind Regards
We are located on the outskirts of Wanaka in the Mt Barker area and prior to D-Fi were with a Big Firm. The speed in our area continued to decline to the point where the internet would not function much of the time and speeds were so slow that many business functions such as skyping or entertainment streaming was impossible. Our previous provider did not appear interested in upgrading the network in our area and continued to charge for a service that often did not function. D-Fi provided the perfect solution. Within a couple of days of contacting them we had their system installed and have been receiving consistent internet speeds since. Our download speed has been over 20mbps compared to our previous inconsistent speeds of less than 2mbps. We are able to operate all work and entertainment functions with multiple users at the same time. Their system of paying for data and carrying it forward until used suits us perfectly, and the information they supply on daily usage as well as their prompt knowledgeable technical service has been excellent, and is a refreshing change from that provided by the large telco's. An excellent local product with good service.
~ Nat

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Other services

We sometimes provide a full range of business IT, Network design, Wireless Network design, Domain name management & support options - Basically anything tech-wise we can do it. Feel free to give us a call. These are secondary to us providing our Internet service so the turnaround for work may not be as quick as we can get a new customer online.

  • Pre paid internet
  • No term contracts
  • $185 once off set-up fee for the average user $300 for a low volume/Holiday home **
  • No phone line required
  • Your data on our data plans expires after 1 year of no use (keep using it and it can't expire)
  • $100 NZD per 50GB on our pre-pay data plan (No expiry)
  • $200 NZD per 120 GB on our pre-pay data plan (No expiry)
  • $100 NZD per month for 150GB on our monthly plan (Data expires end of month)

We have a zero tolerance for people who download or otherwise distribute copyrighted material where you don't have the rights to! Please go elsewhere if you do not want to support artists and film makers.

Contact us:
Phone: 03 4431089 (8AM to 6PM)
Email: d.fi.wireless@gmail.com

** Installation costs can vary based on differences between homes and complexity of installation requirements, please call us for clarification. Usually though these are the prices we can stick to. It costs more for a low user/holiday home as we will be making substantially less over a long period of time which would otherwise help cover the true installation costs to D-Fi which is well over $400

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