wanaka 12 v2


I have no internet at all.

1. Has your data run out? Login to your D-Fi account or call us to check. The internet will reconnect automatically after topping up.

2. Make sure that the black cable that comes from the dish on the roof is pushed into the POE / GREY POE OUT port on the black router, make sure all cables are pushed in.

3. Turn the equipment off and on and wait 2-3 mins for it to reconnect.

4. If you think there may be a Network Outage or equipment failure please call 03 443 1089


The internet loads slowly or drops out.

1. Please check for any objects (trees, buildings etc) that may be in the line of sight between the dish and the transmitter on the hill.

2.  If you believe the dish has moved due to high wind or other events please call us we may be able to align your dish free of charge.

3. Please check for any obvious cable damage.

4. Turn the equipment on and off and wait 2-3 mins for it to reconnect.

5. If you are still experiencing slow speeds, please connect with one device, stand next to the router to get a strong signal and run this Speed Test at least twice to get an average. Please then call us or email us the results. We can then help diagnose any other potential issues.


My WiFi signal is weak

WiFi signal can vary depending on the device model, it is also heavily affected by walls and metal. If you would like to boost your WiFi signal please call or email us for a quote. We offer indoor and outdoor solutions that can extend your coverage range significantly.


My Data was used and I wasn't there!

You can login and click the date in question, it will show you an hour by hour breakdown of the data usage. Data can be used by device updates, autoplay features and even malware or other background processes. Please ensure your virus software is up to date.

D-Fi can advise you on how many devices are currently connected to the network. If you believe there is an unauthorized device connecting please call us to change your WiFi Password.

The safest thing to do is to switch your equipment off when you are not home.


General Equipment and Signal Advice

  • Dish Alignment 
  • During the installation process, our Technician will always ensure you have the best dish alignment. If you believe the dish has moved due to high wind or other events please call us as we may be able to align your dish again free of charge.


  • Trees & Line of sight Obstacles
  • It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the dish's line of sight to the transmitter is maintained and clear for optimum performance. Fees may be charged for diagnosing faults caused by obstructions to your line of sight paths. In some instances, we may be able to align the dish to another transmitter.


  • Weather-Related Effects
  • Atmospheric conditions can have small but sometimes noticeable interference, especially if the dishes signal is weaker, to begin with.


  • Resetting your router. Resetting your router (by pin or paperclip) to the factory condition will remove the authentication credentials and stop your connection. It is NOT a practice that D-Fi supports – contrary to other provider practices. If you think you need to reset your router, please do call us first.