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Custom Solutions / WiFi Extentions

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  • • Extended Wifi Coverage - Large Homes & Properties, Dual Dwellings.

  • • Internet Solutions for Accommodation providers. 

  • • Internet for Events & Festivals 
  • • Hotspots for Campers & Travellers. 

  • • Dedicated Static IP's. 

  • • Security Solutions. 

  • • Self Managed or Remotely Managed network Solutions. 


Speed up and extend your Wi-Fi coverage:

D-Fi can install modern hardware to provide wide-area seamless Wi-Fi coverage in and around large homes and across large properties with multiple dwellings.

Please contact us for a free estimate or to find out more.


Hotels, Motels & Boutique Accommodation:

D-Fi can install customised wide-area and high traffic network solutions for Hotels & Motels. We make sure your guests are receiving the best internet and Wi-Fi coverage they can get. We will work with you to develop a solution that meets your guest and budget requirements. We provide custom solutions for boutique accommodation.

D-Fi can arrange to install a wide-area Wi-Fi networks that will improve internet access for guests. D-Fi can also setup Wi-Fi Hotspots and Voucher systems for guests to purchase high speed internet.


Events & Festivals:

D-Fi loves to support our local community. We've provided internet solutions for various local festivals and events. We can implement wide area coverage solutions for merchants, ticketing and remote administration buildings.

D-Fi can install a wide-area Wi-Fi networks to help your ticketing, merchants, administration and VIP areas. 



What does it Cost?


  • • Installation prices vary based on hardware needed. Please contact us.