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rural farm wireless automation


High Speed, Stable internet and wide-area coverage options. 

D-Fi can arrange to install a wide-area Wi-Fi network that will improve Internet and email access across large properties. This allows the use of modern telemetry, automation, security and safety systems.

Telemetry enables automatic remote monitoring. For example, it is possible to monitor remote farm equipment and trigger its automation at certain pre-set levels, as well as send data wirelessly to mobile phones, computers or the web. These abilities are particularly useful for automatically maintaining water levels, controlling electric fences, or instantly sharing and backing-up animal data collected in a stockyard, dairy or woolshed.

Linking agricultural technology in this way can save time and increase productivity and returns, but it can also assist with safety and security for rural properties and their personnel. For example, alarms can be raised if irrigation or electrical equipment is not functioning as expected. Gates can be opened and closed remotely. Staff can be in contact with others for assistance or instructions. 


What does it Cost?


  • • Installation prices vary based on hardware needed. For wide-area solutions please contact us.