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wireless internet hotspots


What are the Wireless hotspots?

Wireless hotspots are locations where we have put up public wireless access points which let you log into the D-Fi network and enjoy our Internet when you are on the go even in remote places.  

Our Hotspots are typically cheaper, faster and more stable than the 4G that is available. 

However a wireless hotspot is not considered very secure as they are publicly accessible, so you should always be careful when using a hotspot and ensure your device's security is up to date.


How does Hotspot work?

If your computer/smartphone has a wireless adapter and the drivers that allow it to operate, your computer/smartphone should be able to automatically discover existing networks. By choosing the D-Fi network you will be redirected to our website, where you will be asked to create an account and to purchase data. Once data is applied to your account you can enjoy the internet.

If you have already D-Fi's account you can use the same details to log into a hotspot as you do at home. 


Our Hotspots:

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  • ★  The Good Spot, 34 Anderson Rd, Wanaka
  • ★  Makarora Country Cafe5507 Makarora-Lake Hawea Rd, Makarora
  • ★  Spencer Mall, 31 Dunmore St, Wanaka
  • ★  Glenfinnan carpark, on the way to Mt Aspiring National Park
  • ★  Boaboa Food Co., 137 Admore St, Wanaka
  • ★  Kai Whakapai, 121 Admore St, Wanaka